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In 1995, a group of friends got together on a back porch near Hattiesburg, MS and discussed the possibility of creating a bank that would not only take care of financial needs, but also take care of the individual as a whole - leading up to what we know now as, The First. Now, that dream has grown from a back porch to communities all over South Mississippi, Louisiana, South Alabama, and Florida. Because The First is more than a bank, it continuously allows friends to build relationships while taking care of business one customer at a time!
The First is committed to giving back to the communities where we serve to ensure a brighter future for everyone. We strive both as a company and as individuals to improve the quality of life in our communities. The First delivers banking and credit needs to each community, including low- and moderate-income individuals. This is achieved through grants and initiatives, affordable housing, community development lending, investments, and our employees who volunteer their time and talents in each of the communities we serve. In 2010, The First became a certified Community Development Financial Institution. CDFI’s play an important role in generating economic growth and opportunity in low-income communities by providing access to financial products and services for local residents and businesses.
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The First CRA Public Files

The First is pleased to provide information for public inspection under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). Interested parties can review the data provided and produce hard copy of documents as needed. If you need more details send us a message at
Enacted by Congress in 1977 with the intention of encouraging depository institutions to help meet the credit needs of their surrounding communities particularly low and moderate income neighborhoods. The CRA requires federal regulators to assess the record of each institution in helping to fulfill its obligations to the community. This record will then be used in evaluating certain criteria, including their activities related to community development.

The First Community Development Mission Statement

It is a primary mission of The First, A National Banking Association to promote community development in the communities we serve through the provision of financial products and services to residents and to businesses located there, and to provide development services in conjunction with its provision of financial products and services.
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